Dow Plunges 1,000 Points in 15 Minutes, Possibly Due to Typo


If you’ve been anywhere near the news, you know the Dow just went batshit crazy, falling 1,000 points in about 15 minutes. Early speculation was that the plunge was due to investors freaking out about Greece’s debt problems, which have the potential to hinder global economic recovery.

But now there’s word that a typo could have caused the drop. Brian Stelter recently Tweeted: “There are rumors that somebody hit a B instead of an M” on the keyboard, billion rather than million, Bob Pisani says on CNBC.

Whoops-a-daisy. How bad would you feel if you were that dude? Still, we bet he can’t be blamed completely — those riots in Greece are pretty distracting. (Daily Intel is now saying the oaf worked at Citigroup.)

The Dow has now recovered significantly, but was still down 347 at close. This chart, from the New York Times, shows the insane dip:

Meanwhile, Business Insider was a bit more dramatic with its reporting.