Giant Head Saves 6-Year-Old from Fall


Sometimes there are news stories that just speak for themselves, and even though you might have a lot of questions about them, like why or how or WTF, you don’t really want to ask them because answers will simply ruin the magic of the story. This is one of those times.

Little Ming Ming, a 6-year-old Chinese boy, recently fell out of a window while looking for his grandfather. Luckily, his ears caught on the window bars that had been responsibly installed to prevent pigeon landings and kid droppings, keeping him from falling some 8 stories, which would have been good for no one. One witness said: “The only thing stopping him from plunging to the ground below was the fact his head was trapped between two window bars.”

Not to worry, the story ends happily:

Firefighters were able to use a hydraulic pressure expander to force the bars apart and pull him back into his apartment.

However, poor Ming Ming will probably need years of therapy.

Let this be a lesson to you parents: Never leave the kids with Grandpa, install window bars, and schedule ear augmentations, stat.