Kesté Isn’t Opening a Pizzeria on the Upper West Side. Yet.


Some disappointing news for Neapolitan pizza freaks on the Upper West Side: it looks like Kesté won’t be opening a pizzeria there after all. At least not anytime soon.

Earlier today, word surfaced that the Bleecker Street pizzeria would be opening a “secret” location on the Upper West Side this summer. Which, as far as Neapolitan pizza expansions go, makes sense: there’s not a great deal of competition up there.

But apparently, it doesn’t make sense to Kesté’s owners: according to one of the restaurant’s staff members, there are no plans to open a second location: “It is not true,” the staffer said about the rumor. “We are not ready yet.” Yet. So it still might happen one day? he was asked. “Exactly.”

Oh well. Dare to dream.