Morning Links: Don’t Kick Your Dog This Week, Faisal Shahzad’s Taliban Connection, Babies!


Hey, it’s be kind to animals week. So don’t kick your dog. Also, if you really need a week to be kind to animals, you might want to consider therapy of some sort.

In other news,

• Evidence is mounting that the Pakistani Taliban “helped inspire and train” Faisal Shahzad.

• A 6.5- or 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit parts of Peru and Chile last night.

• Budget cuts are threatening after-school programs in the city.

• Scientists at an infant cognition center at Yale are trying to figure out if babies know right from wrong. And mostly, it seems like they do. Also, they are cute. Babies!

• There are a whole bunch of iPhone (and BlackBerry) apps that might help you save some time on your commute, if that’s what you’re after.

• All of those subway station workers who were supposed to be fired? Well, they haven’t been. Yet.