New York Baking Water Corp. Promises Gotham-style Tap Water to Floridians


New York pizza and bagel makers have been known to say there’s something in the water here that makes their baked goods taste so good. A South Florida-based company is banking on the claim. According to Pizza Magazine Quarterly (who knew such a magazine even existed?), Famous New York Baking Water Corp. has developed a water system that duplicates the exact characteristics of New York City water, which it hopes to market to South Florida restaurants and bakeries that wish to replicate the real flavors and textures of authentic New York-style bagels, pizzas, and other baked goods.

“Even beverages will be healthier and more flavorful using the Famous New York Baking Water Corp.’s water,” company president Angela Bean told PMQ. “Soda, coffees, and teas will be richer and more robust tasting.”

Of course, it’s not the first time someone has tried to capitalize on the exceptional quality of New York City tap water. But, can Big Apple water really come out of a Florida tap? Mama Mia’s Trattoria, located in Lake Worth, Fla., is the first to buy into Famous New York Baking Corp.’s sales pitch. Reports from the area are welcome.