Pick Your Own Luggage Boy On Rentboy.com


As you know, rabidly antigay Baptist minister and utter sleazeball George Alan Rekers was caught going on a 10-day trip to Bermuda with a young man who I doubt even wore his Bermuda shorts the whole time.

Rekers–who no doubt turned the place into Reker’s island–admitted he’d found the guy on rentboy.com.

But the hypocritical hater’s excuse for the illicit trysting was beyond genius: He merely wanted the kid to help with his luggage!

Yeah, there were probably 20 suitcases filled with Viagra, lube, dildos, and photos of Justin Bieber.

Anyway, here’s your chance to check out rentboy.com and find your own luggage boy.

Jamel looks like he could pick up your packages just with his own package.