R.I.P. Plan-It-X Records


Farewell to Plan-It-X, the erstwhile indie label that helped author the raucous punk-folk-other hybrid that Against Me! would later ride to goofy, unsatisfying major label stardom. (Plan-It-X released the band’s first real EP, Crime as Forgiven By…, though the relationship later turned bitter.) PIX was founded as a tape label in 1994, but hit its stride with the CD–the medium that, in the pre-MP3 era, was by far the cheapest way to sell music. Which they did, releasing classic records from This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Soophie Nun Squad, Japanther, and Abe Froman, many over the same charmed early ’00s run.

Now, “I don’t want to be a dinosaur,” writes label co-founder Chris Johnston. “CD sales are dropping like crazy, people don’t want them anymore.” Plan-It-X will officially call it quits next summer, with a big festival called THE END OF THE WORLD FEST, and the label’s 100th release, a written history of the label called Free Pizza For Life, which will come complete with a data DVD of all PIX music ever released. “I’ve thought about this a lot,” Johnston writes, “and I’m not sad.” [PIX]