Red Wine Pill Goes Bust, Red Wine Lovers Rejoice


Looking to calm down with a nice red wine pill after that Dow madness got you all worked up? Well, tough luck!

A clinical trial of an experimental GlaxoSmithKline drug that “mimics a health-boosting compound found in red wine has been suspended due to safety issues,” reports Reuters.

Thank goodness!

We have to say, trying to bogart resveratrol, that good stuff in wine that’s believed to help prevent heart disease and even slow the aging processes (which is why we look so young) is just wrong. Making something delicious and good and beautiful into a pill is more wrong. And trying to give the benefits of drinking to a bunch of people who want to avoid actually drinking anything is beyond wrong.

We’re all for pills that help people, but we are also firm believers in the sanctity of the vino. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, please. Go ahead and make a tequila pill if you want, that would be fine with us. After last night, we’re never going there again.