The Flashing Video That Momentarily Convinced the World That Drake Was Gay


Of all the tiresome tropes in hip-hop, the endless search for “the gay rapper” has to be the worst. Thus Drake can be flashed by an underaged and/or inebriated girl in full daylight at a concert, say “OH MY GOD,” and spawn an ocean of speculative blog posts accusing him of being gay for…not stopping his show to have sex with some random girl halfway out in the crowd?

XXL’s Byron Crawford, for his part, merely accuses Drake of acting like an indie-rocker: “Oh my god sounds like some shit Stephen Malkmus would say.” Which is probably true, though it’s hard to imagine Malkmus even noticing. Plus somehow we doubt Pavement ever made a video like the one Drake and Kanye made for “Best I Ever Had”:

Definitely the work of a man who hates the idea of a woman with her shirt off.