There Are Apparently a Ton of Mice and Rats in the Restaurants of the East Village and Lower East Side


Here’s a Thursday morning gross-out: last year, the city issued 360 violations for mice and 86 for rats to restaurants throughout the East Village and Lower East Side.

What does one do with such information?

The Villager
reports that Community Board 3 used it to pass a resolution supporting a Department of Health “workshop of best practices for restaurants with rodent violations.” Which means that the board would like it if restaurants that fail inspections could be sent letters encouraging them to attend the free workshop. If they do, they’ll get a nice thank-you note from the board.

Which is a little like threatening to whip someone with a length of yarn.


The State Liquor Authority and Department of Consumer Affairs will also get a letter saying the restaurant cooperated with the community. And that seems to be the real incentive here: you take care of your rodent problem, and maybe we’ll help you take care of your liquor license problem.