This Weekend, There Will Be More Food at the Hester Street Fair


The Hester Street Fair continues to gather steam: just in time for Mother’s Day, they’ve announced new additions to their roster of food vendors.

Per Bowery Boogie, the fair’s organizers are upping their caloric game with the following new vendors:

  • Arancini Bros., who will sell Sicilian risotto croquettes in varieties like shrimp-saffron and Nutella.
  • Boom Town Bakery, which makes gluten-free, vegan bars out of ingredients like nuts and hemp.
  • Cheshire Canning, which produces jams, spreads, and sauces made from produce from farms upstate.
  • DB Sweets Custom Crafted Cakes, a Park Slope bakery that will be serving cupcakes and donating some of the proceeds for the Bake for Hope Sale, which benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  • McClure’s, which will be selling, of course, pickles.
  • Two dudes who’ve been experimenting with fresh-squeezed lemonade with flavored ice cubes.

And in honor of Mother’s Day, Pain d’Avignon will be selling loaves of chocolate-pecan-cranberry bread, in $4 mini-pullman and $.95 roll form. They’ll only be available that day, and, if the photo above is any indication, will probably be pretty darn good.

Also, La Newyorkina, maker of the infamous avocado pop, has more flavors in the works, which its website promises will be “coming soon”: look out for guava, cucumber, tomato, sweet corn, guanabana, tamarind, pecan, and, yes, please, horchata.