Which Restaurateur Do You Think is Pooh? Sam Sifton Wants to Know.


Over at Diner’s Journal, Sam Sifton is asking, “Which restaurateur most resembles Pooh?” An odd question, perhaps, until you read his review of Pulino’s in which he compares owner Keith McNally to the “dour and slightly disheveled” Eeyore. So far, commenters have Alice Waters standing in for Rabbit (bossy, but popular, if hated among some), Wylie Dufresne as Piglet (his pinkish hue?), Lidia Bastianich is Kanga (the kind, patient matriarch), which makes Joe Bastianich Roo. Mario Batali is Tigger (red, bouncy). And the nominations for Pooh include David Chang, Jose Andres, Drew Nieporent, and Michael White. What, no Danny Meyer? Sure, the physique is wrong, but the shade of his tan and his general amiability make him a strong contender.