1 in 4 Women Actually Pretty “Meh” about Having Kids


Just in time for Mother’s Day, there’s a new study out about mothers, wannabe mothers, and ladies who don’t really care either way about motherhood… but if they do get knocked up they’ll probably end up popping out the kid, cause really, it’s more trouble not to.

For years, people have assumed that childbearing-age women either wanted or didn’t want kids — black and white, cut and dried, done and done. But it turns out, 1 in 4 of them don’t really care all that much either way!

Of nearly 4,000 women ages 25 to 45 who are sexually active, about 71 percent said they were not trying to get pregnant, while 6 percent said they were. But nearly one in four, 23 percent, told researchers they were “OK either way” — they were neither trying to conceive, nor trying to prevent a pregnancy, according to the study, which is forthcoming in Maternal and Child Health Journal.

While this ambivalence probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to the people who are already ambivalent, doctors and medical professionals are a bit worked up, because you’re not supposed to just have a kid willy-nilly — they want you to get your folic acid and omega-3s and not booze it up or smoke cigarettes and that kind of thing pre bun-meets-oven, ’cause it’s bad for the baby. Not to mention docs are now having to wrap their brains around the fact that women don’t fall into one of two categories: “baby-hating misanthropes” or “good mothers.” There might actually be baby-hating mothers, or good misanthropes! Confusarama!

This info follows a Pew Research report released yesterday, which stated that moms who gave birth in 2008 were older, more educated, and 41 percent more unmarried than moms who had babies in 1990. Interestingly, when those 2008 moms were asked why they decided to have their first (or only) child, nearly half said “There wasn’t a reason; it just happened.”

Kids: the new whatever.