Food Truck Spats; The 22nd-Century Burger & Will Tom Colicchio Be the Next Top Chef Master? (Unsurprising Spoiler: No.)




This week in food blogs:

Eater got excited about the apex of ramp and hot dog mania: The Shake Shack Ramp Dog.

Grub Street asked Thomas Keller what he thought of animal rights protesters gathering outside his restaurants. His answer: Gofoieyourself.

Feast asked Tom Colicchio if he would ever appear on Top Chef Masters. Um, no. He’s the producer, silly.

Eat Me Daily discovered Fun (and sexy) Foods at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami.

Midtown Lunch followed the spat between the Frites N Meats and Schnitzel & Things food trucks over a downtown sparking spot.

The Food Section found out just what exactly is inside a Goldfish cracker, bones and all.

Serious Eats learned how to make the perfect “22nd-century” burger at the French Culinary Institute.

The Atlantic Food Channel rounded up the best desserts to show mom you care this Mother’s Day.

Meanwhile, Blondie and Brownie suggested your mom might prefer a Golden Girls cupcake this Sunday.