IBM to Fight Childhood Obesity; Latest Food Recall: Lettuce


Consumer Reports evaluated 14 different supermarket brands of refrigerated and frozen chicken nuggets, including two made from soy, one of which scored highest, health-wise. The Health is Wealth product was said to taste horribly. [NY Daily News]

The latest food to be recalled is lettuce sold in 23 states, including New York, that may be tainted with E. coli. So far, 19 people are sick, three with life-threatening symptoms. [AP]

Despite recent signs of restaurant industry recovery, a new study reveals that diners intend to pay less per meal than previously, but will likely eat out more this year than last. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

IBM is tackling childhood obesity, using computer models to study possible causes, such as consumer behavior, the location of grocery stores, and even public transport. [Wall Street Journal]

Following the Gulf Coast oil spill, New Orleans residents are stocking up on seafood before prices go up or supplies disappear. Others are avoiding it altogether. [NY Times]

Young foodies today prefer lowbrow fare to upscale and, while they know about foie gras and sous vide cooking, they can’t cook a pot roast. [AP]

Forget BYOB. A roundup of BYOF spots includes Franklin Park beer garden (with burgers from Dutch Boy) and The East River Bar with snacks from nearby Marlow & Daughters. [NY Post]

A new pop-up restaurant, The Hunger, will open in the basement of a SoHo restaurant for four days next week. Top Chef‘s Camille Becerra will seat celebs alongside civilians. [NY Post]

Gordon Ramsay faces more trouble: two wine distributors are suing him, claiming that he owes them tens of thousands for unpaid wine delivered to the London last year. [Page Six]