Ice Cream Carts Are Now Out in Force


It’s only May, but if you happen to run an ice cream cart, then summer is officially here. The latest cart to return to the streets is Bar Breton’s, which, per Madison Park News, hit the sidewalks earlier this week with a line-up of ginger, carrot cake, vanilla, chocolate, passion fruit, and raspberry. It follows Cookshop’s cart, which on May 1 began its seven-day-a-week summer schedule. Across the river, General Greene’s ice cream cart took its maiden voyage of the season on April 18; daily flavor updates can be found on its Twitter page.

In downtown Manhattan, Odeon’s ice cream cart will return on May 15, the same day that Griff’s Gelato will start selling frozen pie on a stick in front of Duane Park. And, as previously noted, Blue Marble will open another cart in Brooklyn Bridge Park, most likely sometime in July.

In the meantime, you can start plotting ice cream pilgrimages with some help from Our 10 Best Ice Creams and Other Frozen Treats, which includes the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’s soft serve, which is pictured above.