Most Popular Baby Names of 2009 Hail from Twilight Franchise


Yeah, yeah, yeah, the books were… um… compelling. But seriously, must we now name our children after vampires, girls who love vampires, and werewolves who hate vampires yet can’t help loving girls who love vampires?

Per Social Security’s Most Popular Baby Names List of 2009, “Jacob” (as played by young hottie Taylor Lautner) was the year’s top boy baby name, while “Isabella” (or “Bella,” embodied stoically by misery-face Kristen Stewart) beats out old non-blood-sucking fave “Emma” for girls. Also, “Cullen” makes an appearance, “likely attributable to the popular character Edward Cullen in the Twilight novels and movies.”

“Stephenie Meyer,” the author to whom which we owe our deepest thanks for creating the delightful tomes/cinematic delicacies, however, did not make the list. Yet.

The good news: “Miley,” “Lindsay,” “Brett,” “Jonas,” and “Alvin” (really?) are losing their appeal.