Oops: Dos Toros’ No-Meat Burrito Isn’t Actually Vegetarian


Update: Dos Toros no longer cooks its rice in chicken stock.

When Sarah DiGregorio first checked out Dos Toros, she liked the Mission-style burritos but advised skipping the rice in favor of the beans and guacamole. It turns out that vegetarians would do well to take her advice: much to the chagrin of its herbivore customers, it turns out that Dos Toros cooks its rice in chicken stock.

DNAInfo reports that vegetarians who had heretofore ordered the Basic Burrito — which doesn’t contain meat — have been somewhat unnerved pissed-off by the discovery. Dos Toros had neglected to advertise this fact, but is attempting to rectify the situation with new signage warning vegetarians about their choice of cooking stock. However, those attempts will only go so far. According to Leo Kremer, who owns the shop with his brother, Oliver, they’re not changing the rice: “”It’s not something we’re going to change, because we like the rice the way it is.” Vegetarians, consider yourselves scorned.