Renee Zellweger At a Crossroads


I like Renee Zellweger for her squinty spunk and charming gameness, which she’s brought to musicals, westerns, and rom-coms alike.

But you’d have to squint to see her career lately.

Case 39, her horror film with Bradley Cooper, went straight to DVD.

Talk about a horror film!

My Own Love Song, in which she sings Bob Dylan songs in a wheelchair, was called a “heartfelt mess” by Variety (though I’m aching to see it).

And the only other thing I can find on her coming credits is a rumored Untitled Bridget Jones Project.

After the last sequel, perhaps she’d be better off if it was an Unproduced Bridget Jones Project?

Whatever the case, I’m jonesing for a big-time Renee comeback. She had me at hiya.