You Get What You Pay For: Staten Island Ferry Crashes Into Dock (UPDATED)


It’s running almost constantly, provides a beautiful view, and best of all, it’s free. But the magical Staten Island Ferry had a little mishap this Saturday morning, when it crashed into the dock, injuring multiple people. Hopefully no one using the ferry to trek to work on this rainy Saturday morning was hurt and just a few rotund tourists with bad balance bumped their heads. Better yet, we hope everyone’s okay!

(BreakingNews is reporting that ten to twelve people up to 60 people have sustained minor injuries. Everyone wants in on the lawsuit action. Or at least free ferry rides for life, right?)

More updates as they come, or you could rush to your television and turn on the local news. Tell Sue Simmons we said, “hey, girl.”

UPDATE: It seems the incident was indeed a bit more serious than when it was originally reported, as ten people with minor injuries. (It initially sounded much more like a “bump” than a “crash” and thus, still room for jokes! Sorry, all.) The Post, in their typically measured style, is reporting that the “terrifying collision rocked the terminal,” and left 37 hurt, in conditions from “moderate” to “stable.” More here.