Joaquin Phoenix Will Snort Your Drugs, Sleep With Your Girlfriend and Take Your Shit


This extended Joaquin Phoenix stunt — in which he acted like part Andy Kaufman and part Crispin Glover, but plus rapping — will soon enough be a part of the public record. I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, the resulting film by Casey Affleck, is being shopped to buyers who “still aren’t sure of its genuineness.”

According to early leaks from investor screenings, the documentary (?) features “more male frontal nudity than you’d find in some gay porn films and a stomach-turning sequence in which someone feuding with Phoenix defecates on the actor while he’s asleep.” But wait, there’s more!

Is I’m Still Here going to be our Cocksucker Blues? No, not that one.

It’s far from the Joaquin Phoenix you’re used to seeing onscreen: snorting cocaine, ordering call girls, having oral sex with a publicist, treating his assistants abusively and rapping badly.

Which sounds a lot like Robert Frank’s unreleased documentary on the Rolling Stones from 1972. But with rapping? Something tells me we won’t have to see this one in bootleg form, though we might have Borat to thank for that more than art.

Joaquin Phoenix documentary: Even buyers aren’t sure if it’s a prank
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