The Huffington Post Turns Five Years Old: A Look Back Through the Years


Happy Mother’s Day to Arianna Huffington, whose baby was born on May 9, 2005. Maybe you could say George W. Bush’s reelection campaign was the father? Inconclusive, but it’s still been half a decade and the little guy has just gotten so big. The headline fonts, at least.

There’s been scoops, nipple slips and plenty of insight from Uncles Alec and Larry. The number two popular story today: “Kendra Wilkinson Tried To Sell Multiple Sex Tapes.” Three? “Joslyn James Porn: Tiger Woods’ ’11th Hole’ Nears Debut.” They grow up so quickly. There was serious news, too, but this is a celebration and thus, time for fun. Oh, and cute animals galore.

After the jump, baby pictures!

Via @ckanal and Internet Archive, here’s The Huffington Post on its day of birth. Look, it’s Larry, there from day one:

The introduction of moving .gifs! Check it:

Remember W.? We were so innocent then.

And then the liberals won, meaning soon we’d have more time for Heidi Montag:

2009 was a strange time.

And… blossomed:

Here’s to five or six more, all.