Cheep’s Hummus Plate: Cheap and Meatless in the East Village


East Village newcomer Cheep’s serves up a very cheap falafel pocket, but it was no match for Mamoun’s in our recent Battle of the Dishes. Today we stopped by to check out the place’s other vegetarian offerings.

The hummus plate costs $3.75, which nets you a hefty mound of salads and hummus. Order it, and watch the grumpy counterguy spoon in a heaping ladleful of the chickpea spread, progressively drowning it in layers of salad, tahini, and hot sauce. It reminds us of one of those crazy KFC bowls with everything piled on top of each other, although this version is vegetarian and tasty.

Working your way from the top of the pile down, it’s garlicky hot sauce, creamy tahini, marinated carrots, red cabbage salad, green cabbage with celery seed, sliced onions with parsley, romaine lettuce, and hummus. A serviceable pita comes on the side. It’s a good option for a filling, cheap vegetarian lunch.

129 Second Avenue