K2 in Krisis: Kathleen Rice and Newsday Want You to Fear, Outlaw The New Marijuana


You would think: If there was something kids could get ahold of that could get them high, it’d be illegal by now, right? Wrong. Enter the oregano-looking “K2,” which isn’t marijuana, but supposedly gets you high. It’s proven to work doubly, however, as a great cause for media fear-mongering about the latest thing that can make your kids turn into Stabby Goth Twitter Kids or whatever, and political piggybacking.

For example, the Long Island Newsday‘s lede:

It’s legal. It’s cheap. And it can give people who smoke it a high like that from marijuana.

They know this how? Again, via the Chicago Tribune (on April 20th, no less):

Since about 2006, it has been marketed as either incense or potpourri, but the herbs in the product are sprayed with a synthetic chemical similar to tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is found in marijuana. Many say that when K2 is smoked, it’s similar to smoking a joint.

And who are these many? Besides the manufacturers, or newspapers? Well, apparently, our brethren at the Kansas City Pitch, who went after this stuff, like, last year. Final verdict:


Get it while you can. But if K2 is banned before you get a bag, you didn’t miss much.


And then Kansas made it illegal in March. Bucky Turco at Animal NY described it, however, as “the synthetic herb that is one step up from smoking banana peels.” So either our friends at the Kansas City Pitch have low tolerances, or Bucky’s got a bomb, bomb-ass hookup. Either way, the Nassau County attorney general is now trying to make K2 illegal on Long Island. And they have experts to tell us why!

It is sold on the Internet and at local shops as incense, but can give people who smoke it a high like marijuana “without the calming effects,” one expert said.

Notably, the “expert” who gave that quote isn’t named. Then again, it’s still legal here, for the moment, and it’s almost Intern Season for us. Flex those lungs, team. We’ve apparently got some greens to get on, before this happens:

On Monday, Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice will call on state lawmakers to sponsor legislation making the synthetic herb known as “K2” or “Spice,” illegal to possess, use or sell.

Wait, who?


K2 poses a serious threat to local teens, said Rice, who one week ago announced that she is running for state attorney general.


Oh yeah! Her! The one who’s running for state attorney general, who’s primary platform is being tough on “crime,” “crime,” “crime,” and more “crime.” Nice timing. Not quite 4-20, but it’ll do.