L.A. Artist Pulls out of “Too Gay” Photo Show?


This story just went out on Facebook:

Brandon Herman, an L.A.-based artist, pulled the plug on a two-person exhibition with Aaron Cobbett at the Envoy/Headquarters space in NYC that was to open on May 8 because he said that Cobbett’s work was ‘TOO GAY.’

“He then went and booked his show and performance (without Mr. Cobbett) in another gallery for his own extremely homoerotic photographs, claiming that there was a plumbing leak in the original space, which is untrue. (Mr. Herman alleges he is straight.)

“I hope that you visit the Envoy Enterprises Facebook page and the Brandon Herman page and website and let your feelings be known.”

Sure thing — but then I got a response from Herman’s rep:

Brandon Herman: L.A. PIG was planned as a solo performance event for May 8.

“Headquarters space rented out by Mr Cobbett was to be used as the location for this event.

“Mr. Cobbett did not want to remove his photographs from the main room, where Mr Herman’s performance was going to take place.

“This pop up exhibition was always intended to be a solo performance event.

“The location has subsequently been changed as the show was not able to be installed in the Headquarters space.

“Mr. Herman is a proud member of the gay community.”

I’m confused, but I do know that another photographer named Brandon Herman — who’s New York-based — wants everyone to know it’s not him who’s in the middle of this stank.