NYPD Quote of the Day: “At a Crime Scene … Don’t Pee in the Toilet”


Graham Rayman’s “The NYPD Tapes: Inside Bed-Stuy’s 81st Precinct,” chronicles hundreds of recorded hours of cops talking about their jobs between June 1, 2008, and Oct. 31, 2009. As there was far more of note than could fit in the pages of last week’s issue of the Voice, we’ll be publishing outtakes on Runnin’ Scared for the next couple of weeks.

From October 21: Instructions to officers not to disturb a crime scene:

“Don’t pick up evidence,” he says. “At a crime scene in an apartment, don’t smoke. Don’t pee in the toilet. Don’t eat food from the refrigerator. Has it all happened? Yes. Don’t sit in the guy’s chair and watch television when there’s a DOA in there.”

Read the original article here, and check back for follow-ups, like this one about the NYPD downgrading journalist Debbie Nathan’s felony sexual assault to a misdemeanor earlier this year. (They’ve been forced to apologize.)