Paulie Gee Better Not Catch You Rooting Around In His Garbarge for the Secret to His Awesome Tomatoes (Especially Now That He May Be Running Out of Them)


“Amuse” Bouche: Paulie Gee’s Secret Tomatoes from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

In her review last week of Paulie Gee’s, Sarah DiGregorio had to admit that one of the man’s strengths was his tomato sauce: “It’s loose and fresh-tasting, invigoratingly tart and sweet, mellowed by that dark savor that characterizes really good summer tomatoes.” But just where those sweet and tart fruits come from, no one save Paulie himself (and a few trusted staff) knows. Food.Curated does manage, however, to get a few details on the precious orbs in this outtake of an interview with the pizzaiolo. Although, according to Eat to Blog, they may be in dangerously short supply.