Photos: M.I.A. Joins Sleigh Bells and Mr. Dream At Friday’s Sold-Out Coco 66 Show


Really, we could use a word for it, that New York area show in which a variety of factors combine–imminent album release, absurd amounts of press attention, fervent old guard musician co-signs, a sold-out room, a novel sound, maybe–to make one of the thousands of shows that take place every night in NYC into a kind of special event you can’t ever really duplicate, though everyone is always trying. This was one of those: stadium-punk duo Sleigh Bells, who took the stage after midnight, and later bowed out doing “Ring Ring” (from Treats, out at long last tomorrow), with a little help from their label boss, M.I.A.; and the lo-fi murdering, Bleach-honoring, White Zombie-checking BK trio Mr. Dream, who’ve been due to play in front of this many people for nearly two years now. The only Brooklyn bill we can imagine liking more than this one right now would’ve had LCD Soundsystem on it. Photographer Rebecca Smeyne was there: