Restaurant Chains Turn Improved First-Quarter Profits; Meat Pies Abound


Restaurant chains reported improved first-quarter earnings, including Domino’s 14.3-percent surge, Morton’s Steakhouse 3.6-percent increase, and Papa John’s 1.7 percent hike internationally.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Brooklyn Bridge Park food vendors will include Pier 1 Wine Bar (from the owners of Pier 1 Café in Riverside Park), Calexico Carne Asada, Ditch Plains, and Blue Marble Ice Cream.
[Wall Street Journal]

A new art exhibit in the space formerly occupied by Pat LaFrieda entitled, “Go Vegan!” makes use of the meat lockers, fluorescent lighting, and raw meat smell left behind.
[Wall Street Journal]

Ruth Reichl lists five pieces of advice that her mother gave her, including be eccentric (check!) and be adventurous (i.e., taste everything: check!).
[NY Daily News]

Meat pies are all the rage. Try the lamb-and-stout pie at The Monday Room, Toad-in-the-hole at The Clerkenwell, or a lamb sausage roll at Highlands.
[NY Post]

Steak quality began to go down the tubes when the USDA started grading beef. Better steak can be found by asking the cow’s age at slaughter (never younger than 20 months).
[Wall Street Journal]