Saturday’s Foie Gras Protest Outside Per Se Was Sort of a Non-Event


That warily anticipated foie gras protest that happened outside of Per Se on Saturday? It turned out to be a bit of a non-starter. Eater was there and has an account of the demonstration, which was attended by a mere 10 individuals who attended with pet dogs and graphic signage.

It was business as usual upstairs at Per Se and Bouchon Bakery, where customers continued to happily consume what PETA calls “the delicacy of despair.” As Eater noted, perhaps the most sane perspective on the matter comes from Regina Schrambling’s Gastropoda blog, where Schrambling asked, “If the foie gras crazies are so worried about avian welfare, shouldn’t they be picketing BP, not Bouchon and other Keller establishments? I imagine drowning in crude oil would be far more miserable than living like your average fast food junkie.”

As would, for that matter, laying eggs for McDonald’s in a battery cage or langushing in a factory farm before ending up on a plate at TGI Friday’s. Except neither has the particular sex appeal of fatted liver served to the wealthy, and if there’s anything PETA knows, it’s that sex sells.