What’s Old Is New, Or Something: Swans, Christian Marclay Return to New York City


Michael Gira’s legendary noise punk crew Swans announced their reunion back in January, and with guitarist Norman Westberg on board (no Jarboe, alas), Gira seemed to be promising the return of the ferocious, ’80s vintage of his band, rather than gothy, whispery, horror-house ’90s version. This just announced show at New York’s loudest venue, the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, would seem to confirm that fact–it’ll be the band’s first show in NYC in over a decade, and with co-promoters Brandon Stosuy (he of last week’s Rites of Spring spring swoon), Issue Project Room, and Blackened Music in charge, it feels safe to assume this will go well. Mark your schedules for October 12th, or if you actually want to get in, May 14, the day tickets go on sale.

Meanwhile, the Whitney is bringing back downtown turntable and fucked-up record OG Christian Marclay as part of Christian Marclay: Festival, a summerlong (July 1-September 26) retro featuring daily performances from Zeena Parkins, Elliott Sharp, Anthony Coleman, Okkyung Lee,Bill Frisell, Lee Ranaldo, o.blaat/Keiko Uenishi, Cyro Baptista, John Zorn, and presumably a whole lot of other people. Brutal noise nostalgia for the unlikely win.

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