10 Food-Related Flea Market Finds You Probably Don’t Need


Once a year in early May, Perry Street in the West Village throws a block party cum flea market called Perry-Phernalia. Here are some of the food-related things that were for sale.

1. Antique Pressure Cooker Missing Some Hardware. Fill it with water, put it on your stove, light the burner, then run for your life!

2. Garlic “Safe.” Who knew it was in any danger?

3. An English-Style Toast Rack. To make sure your toast is good and cold by the time you serve it.

4. One-Bottle Balancing Wine Storage Rack. And you need this because?

5. Profoundly Creepy Painting of a Waif Offering You a Tiny Strawberry. Is that a blue Victoria’s Secret bra strap?

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6. Scandinavian Brushed Stainless Steel Fondue Set With Real Sterno Flame. You can already smell the odor of burning cheese welding to the bottom of the vessel.

7. Paired Salt Shakers Shaped Like a Hammer and Barrel of Nails, or a Bowling Ball and Bowling Ball Bag. Your choice.

8. Decorative Serving Platter Painted With a World War I Air-Sea Battle. Destined to take guests’ attention away from your coq au vin. Buy only if your dinner is already a “mess.”

9. Scientific Cupcake Kit. For those who consume more than 20 cupcakes per week, why not learn the “science” of how they’re made, munching all the while?

10. Engraved Brass Pear. Figuring out what the inscription means is probably more pondering than you want to do.