Ann Coulter’s Subway Ride: Savvy, Shades Down, Anti-Panhandler


Neo-Conservative Superstars: They’re just like us! In Ann Coulter’s case, they ride the Lexington Line downtown instead of waiting for an express, and wear sunglasses to make themselves feel invisible, and also, don’t give to panhandlers.

Enemy to newspapers, people who are alive, and basically rational thought everywhere, Ann “Jihad Monkey” Coulter was apparently at the 86th Street Downtown 6-Train when NYC the Blog’s Paolo Mastrangelo, after seeing her in the station, caught a glimpse of The Blondest Blowhard in America sitting right across from him on the train!

In a surprising and savvy move for one of Manhattan’s elite, Coulter waited midway down the stairs leading to the express train, taking a position that allows one to observe the local and express train enter the station, affording you the option of riding whatever one happens to arrive first.

She appeared very pensive and impatient, almost angry looking, as if waiting for the train was an unbearable experience.

Ann Coulter, looking….angry? Hard to believe. Unless there’s video. Which there is!

Finally the express roared into the station and she boarded. She did not look happy to be riding a subway. Immediately, a panhandler stepped in from the other car. He made his way through the train, asking for food or money. NYC The Blog have him a dollar. Making his way passed a seated Ann Coulter, she ignored his request before exiting at 59th Street.

And how can we be sure this is actually Ms. Coulter?

1. Resemblance. Admit it. It looks like her.

2. The Sunglasses. Very, very similar outline. And she’s been known to wear sunglasses inside before.

3. Location. She was coming from the Upper East Side and got off in Midtown East. If you were going to guess what neighborhood Ann Coulter is in right now, what neighborhood would you guess she were in? [Answer: Obviously, one of those. Don’t be coy.]

4. The Panhandler. See how she squirms when the panhandler gets near? And also doesn’t give money? Irrefutable proof that this weren’t Ann Coulter would be if she did give money, which she didn’t.

So it’s gotta be her.

To be fair, Mr. Mastrangelo’s generosity is likely disproportionate to the rest of New York City (there’s always at least one person in every car who gives, but no more than, like, six). But Ann Coulter, she rides the subway! And maybe does other things like regular people whose lives aren’t predicated on the business of causing irreparable harm to rational discourse, and/or the human race.