Brooklyn newcomers Keepaway are a scrappy, punky band making prismatic omni-pop in the wake of MGMT, Yeasayer, Chairlift, and the more accessible parts of Animal Collective—big hooks, psych textures, never-too-funky dance grooves, dirty clothes, good attitudes. Tonight’s a release party for their debut 12-inch EP, Baby Style, five newish songs currently making the Internet rounds where trance pulses meet something approximating a pop band. Also currently worming their way to the top of the Pitchfork/Fader/KEXP hype-tangle is openers DOM, a quasi-chillwave burst of happy waterfalls and sunburned something-or-other buried under the usual tape-damaged shoegaze wash of 2010. The bill is headed by locals Rewards (a/k/a Brooklyn’s Aaron Pfenning), a one-man gray mood ring walking that itchy Joy Division line, punctuating it with the washed-out keyboards of a Xiu Xiu or a Zola Jesus. The Internet is going to be at this show in full-force so show up early if you don’t want to watch it through a field of camera phones.

Tue., May 18, 7 p.m., 2010