Is Elena Kagan Gay?


Apparently both sides want to know if Obama‘s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is a lesbian.

The conservatives want her to be out of the closet, so they can use it as a sliming device about how she’s biased (as if they aren’t).

And the liberals also want her to be out because they feel hiding her sexuality might compromise her judgment in the other way, where she’d actually vote less gay-friendly to make a point.

But of course if she IS out, then maybe she’ll vote anti-gay too so as not to seem to be pushing an agenda.

It’s all terribly confusing–especially if she ISN’T gay.

How wild would that be?

In any case, it seems like Elena just can’t win no matter what she says or doesn’t say.

Should we just absorb the presidential heedings that she’s not “that way” and simply move on?