New York Post’s Andrea Peyser: Give Me Your 9/11 Survivors’ Ground Zero Mosque-Outrage


When the New York Post‘s resident angry, crazy, sexxxy resident catlady columnist Andrea Peyser isn’t calling someone a pussy, calling for someone’s deportation, or getting randy over New York’s Bravest firehoses, she’s on the warpath for her next column!..

…Which apparently now involves finding angry anti-Muslim racists, and showing them some love in the Post.

Via a 9/11-related news Google Listserv news dispatch:

To: [9/11 List-Serv]
Subject: [9/11 List-Serv] ** Media Request – NY Post (5/11/10) **

Dear 9/11 Family Member:

I am looking for relatives of those killed on 9/11 who would like to comment on the mosque planned to be built near Ground Zero.


Andrea Peyser
New York Post

Sure, given the nature of the email, one can’t be absolutely positive that Peyser wouldn’t have anything but wonderful things to say about a Mosque at Ground Zero. Or find the cross-section of relatives of 9/11 victims who will also talk to the New York Post to say wonderful things about a Mosque at Ground Zero.

Given the fact that Andrea Peyser is, after all, the New York Post‘s resident angry, crazy, sexxxy resident catlady columnist….that….just isn’t the case. So if you’ve got some hate in your heart for a Mosque at Ground Zero – or, come on, anywhere, really – now you know where to put it.

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