A sure sign that nightlife in Williamsburg is strong: I’ve been to so many of the restaurants that will be doling out samples at Taste Williamsburg Greenpoint, either to kick my night off or end it at a liquid brunch the next morning—and I don’t even live in Williamsburg. That said, nightlife clearly isn’t all the nabe (and adjoining Greenpoint) has going for it. Locals can be very proud of the foodie scene, which gets the spotlight at this first-ever culinary block party benefiting the construction of the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center. So if you haven’t been as lucky as I am to have pre-gamed with sangria on the back deck at Sweetwater or wiled away Sunday over mimosas at Dumont, today you can become acquainted with these trusty classics or meet newer kids on the block, such as Fatty ‘Cue, Pies ‘n’ Thighs, and Van Leeuwen’s. I might actually try the food this time. North 11th Street between Berry & Wythe, Williamsburg

Sun., May 16, noon, 2010