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The Rooftop Films Summer Series is back for a 14th year, and its opening night is lovingly dedicated to those dynamos of pint-size cinema that pack a creative punch way beyond what their limited running time might suggest. The selections in “This Is What We Mean by Short Films” range from hilarious—like the slurred but informative account of Nikolai Tesla’s life in Derek Waters’s Drunk History series—to heartfelt—in Nick Fox-Gieg’s telling of The Orange, a prose poem about one unassuming little fruit that ruled the world. Rekindle a healthy terror for capitalist venture with the Academy Award-winning Logorama (the image of a rogue Ronald McDonald busting a cap in the Michelin Man is not easily forgotten) or the documentary The S From Hell, about the eerie corporate symbol that traumatized children. Music by Twin Sister will start the party, with free beer and rum after the screening.

Fri., May 14, 8 p.m., 2010

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