The Latest On Evil Producer Solar, the Man Who Betrayed Gang Starr’s Guru


The above appears to be Solar momentarily wresting back control of his hacked Twitter account and attempting some damage control, though at this point, you’d have to think it’s too late. (As it turns out, it wasn’t Solar–just his tormentor, having some more fun at the producer’s expense.) But the proof of the legitimacy of the leaked emails posted on that account (full original story here) over the last several days is only growing. For one, not only did we confirm that at least some of the emails posted on the hacked Twitter account are in fact real, but AllHipHop did us one better, and got a statement straight from the source. As Solar’s own PR company told them, “Yo! Promotions,, has learned from 7 Grand Records that Solar’s official AOL e-mail account was hacked and that various e-mail communications between Solar and Yo! Promotions are currently circulating the internet.” Which is to say, they heard that the emails were real from Solar’s own record company, 7 Grand. Seems like pretty total confirmation to us. For another thing, the embarrassing revelations keep coming. The worst of them? That Solar masqueraded as Guru while the MC was in a coma in order to collect Guru’s royalty checks:

That’s just evil. Plus there is much, much more groupie love and infidelity, further outrage from Guru’s friends directed at Solar, and even an email in which Solar appears to attempt to wrest power of attorney away from Guru and transfer it to himself:

And the hits just keep on coming–the hacker who took over first Solar’s email and then his Twitter appears to has moved onto the producer’s MySpace, which now solely bumps Gang Starr’s head-busting “Militia,” is covered in pictures of vintage Gang Starr records, and depicts Solar as a cartoon character, running away with bags of money:

Needless to say, sentiment is running perilously high against Solar. As it probably should. But ultimately, this is between that guy and Keith Elam’s family and friends–the rest of can only watch in dismay, and pass along what facts there are.

PR Company Issues Statement Regarding Solar Email Hack [AllHipHop]