The Rickshaw Truck Provides Yet More Evidence That Popsicles Are This Summer’s Soft Serve


No longer content to limit its inventory to dumplings, the Rickshaw Truck has introduced, wait for it, “nice-icles.” Which are of course popsicles with an annoying name.

A “nice-icle,” the truck’s website explains, is a contraction of “nice icicles,” which could be taken as a proposition in certain circumstances but describes Rickshaw’s line of “old-school” frozen treats, which “will remind you of your Otto Pop days.”

So far, the flavors include Mango Lassi, Calamansi, and Thai Coffe. In its description of the Mango Lassi pop, the website proclaims, “you’d never find such a tasty treat from the creepy guy peddling his wares in a Mr. Softee truck.” Which doesn’t seem very nice. Particularly as there are a number of Midtown Mister Softee trucks staffed by very nice ladies, and at least one that’s been re-purposed by a famously non-creepy man. Seems that even if you put the “nice” in your product name, it’s still just a four-letter word.

[Via Midtown Lunch]