A Walk in a Corporate Garden; Grub Crawls A-Go-Go


Corporations like PepsiCo have started planting organic corporate vegetable gardens, where employees can weed during breaks and take home the harvest.
[NY Times]

Grub crawls are all the rage these days. Neighborhoods like South Williamsburg and the Lower East Side are ideal for grazing at a string of eateries.
[NY Post]

A new study reveals that people believe foods labeled organic will also be lower in calories, which is generally not the case.

As the number of people diagnosed with celiac disease is on the rise, the sale of gluten-free products spiked 74 percent from 2004 to 2009.
[NY Daily News]

Meanwhile, misdiagnoses have led to people believing they have food allergies when they don’t. Some 30 percent of people think they have a food allergy, but only 5 percent do.
[NY Times]

Connecticut farmers are not allowed to sell preserves, jams, or pickles at their farm stands. Now, a bill has been passed that would make farm pickles legal.
[Wall Street Journal]

Rachael Ray went to Washington with New York’s junior senator, Kristen E. Gillibrand, to lobby for increased school lunch funding.
[NY Times]

As White House pastry chef, Bill Yosses’ duties include keeping bees, weeding his section of the White House garden, and coming up with healthy desserts for the First Family.
[NY Times]

Stride, the chewing gum from the Cadbury division of Kraft, has introduced two gum varieties that change flavors called Berry-to-Mint and Citrus-to-Mint.
[NY Times]