Andrew W.K. Doesn’t Actually Want to Party Until He Pukes


As SOTC’s de facto head of internal affairs, it falls upon me to remind you that our newsroom-mates over at Fork in the Road have an eating-themed interview with recovering hesher Andrew W.K. Since the endlessly energetic Dinner With the Band guest is famous for a headbanging rager called “Party ‘Til You Puke,” we never wanted to know what that used to be. But it’s amusing–and completely in character–that if the frantic piano-player was to open a restaurant, it’d be a mouth-flaming one with “all of the great spicy foods of the world represented.” (Andrew admits he’s the sort of guy who walks into an Indian restaurant and requests food made “spicy for an Indian person.”)

But what’s probably more useful to know is that Mr. Wilkes-Krier has actually taken pains not to gross you out at his live shows–he doesn’t eat four-to-five hours before he performs. “There have been times where I’ve been like, ‘Oh, I can eat this bagel, it’s only two hours before the show,’ and then, sure enough, right after the show, or even during the show, I puke it out.” No one could really blame him if he did, though: “I wrote a song called ‘Party Til You Puke’ and sometimes people have thought I was intentionally trying to tie it into the song or something like that, but I prefer not to do it.” Good to know. [“Andrew W.K. Has The Best Idea for a Restaurant Ever“/ Fork in the Road]