Cam’ron Betrays the Working Man on New Mixtape Boss of All Bosses 2.5


So much for 2009’s “My Job,” Cam’ron’s non sequitur but nevertheless moving declaration of solidarity with the proletariat — “The way we look at it,” the rapper says on his newest mixtape, Boss of All Bosses 2.5, “the working man’s a sucker if you ain’t making six digits or better.” Further torture for the working man? The fact that, as with Cam’s last few other efforts out the gate, henchman Vado is along for the ride. Like, on every song, interminably. “Why stay in one place,” the gravel-voiced rapper asks, “when Cam got like six different cribs?” Um, because you’re not Cam’ron? Still, a lot of great half songs here, including a fiery reunion between Cam and Fabolous, where Fab continues a streak he began somewhere around “Body Bag,” the song these two teamed up on for the Brooklyn rapper’s There Is No Competition 2 — another DJ Drama-branded mixtape, come to think of it. Just watch out for the skit where Cam explains the difference between “’90s head” and all the new types they got out there now.

[Rap Radar]