Iconic Things for Ironic People: Hipster Yoga


As luck would have it, while finishing our leftover curry udon and contemplating the last time we went to the gym (and how our skinny jeans might be getting just a pinch too tight), we stumbled upon Hipster Yoga. Yes. The site, which is kinda brilliant, adapts real-life yoga instructions from to hilarious hipster-mocking effect, with instructional photos to boot.

To whit:

Lotus Pose

1. Bend the right knee and bring the right Converse to the left hip crease.

2. Wear ironic “Hello My Name Is” Sticker.

3. Bend the left knee and cross the left Converse over to the right hip crease.

4. Forget own name because on too much ecstacy.

5. Repeat, with the left Converse on the bottom and the right Converse on top.

Now, should hipsters do yoga? Probably not. Is a yoga purist going to go ballistic on us, leading us to point out that that’s “not very yoga”? Probably. Is the guy doing the Half Lord of the Fishes oddly attractive in a myopic sort of way? Um, maybe.

Tree pose, everyone!