Media Moves: John Carney Heads to CNBC


Seems like only one month and eighteen days since the debacle that was Clusterstock finance blogger John Carney’s firing from Business Insider. Well, after it being originally reported on Guest of a Guest — Guest of a Guest? — we’ve now confirmed with John Carney what we’d previously heard, which is: he’s got a new gig, and it’s with CNBC.

Carney’s going to be helping the finance network build out their blogging presence as’s Senior Editor. He starts on May 17th. He’s going to hit the ground running with day-to-day finance blogging while he works on scaling out larger projects on the site that will launch in the next four to six weeks. He was mum on the details otherwise, and didn’t reply when asked if he had courted other offers (which we’d heard included Yahoo’s Newsroom and AOL’s Daily Finance among others). A source familiar with Carney’s job prospects tells us, however, that “had (John) known the offers that came into him were out there, [laughing] he would’ve gotten fired by [Henry] Blodget months ago.”

Blodget and Carney’s eventual parting at The Business Insider stemmed from divide with an owner wanting less in-depth reporting in exchange for casting a wider net, with a higher quantity of posts, as well as more interactive, click-happy content (galleries, infographics, etc).

Blodget, in a public war of words with Reuters finance and media columnist Felix Salmon, argued against Salmon’s criticisms of Blodget’s publishing plans, contending that it’s difficult as an independent digital publisher to survive without trending his content the way he was moving it (vis-a-vis Carney’s dismissal), as opposed to Salmon, who had the news wire monolith and terminal service Reuters to cushion his views. And now, interestingly enough, we’re hearing that all three companies who reportedly talked with Carney about a job were, like Reuters, without any resemblance whatsoever to Blodget’s shop in terms of size. Funny how that works!