Morning Links: Times Square Suspicious Package Watch Continues, Twitter “Hacker” Apologizes, Another iPhone Prototype Found


Another suspicious Times Square package — this time a brown paper bag found on top of a pay phone — caused cops to seal off several blocks along 7th Avenue last night. The bag was determined to contain a metal cooking tray.

An Afriqiyah Airways plane carrying 104 people crashed this morning while attempting to land at the airport in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. At least 96 people have died. A 10-year-old Dutch boy is believed to be the sole survivor. Terrorism has been ruled out as a cause for the crash.

250 MTA workers have been laid off, despite last week’s union lawsuit to keep clerks in their jobs and token booths open. The MTA says they have a $800 million deficit and will be eliminating 3,000 jobs overall to balance the budget.

In the latest violent attack against Chinese schoolchildren, a 48-year-old man with a cleaver killed seven kids and two adults at a kindergarten in northwest China on Wednesday, then committed suicide.

The Turkish 17-year-old who “figured out accidentally that if you tweet ‘accept username,’ for example billgates, then Bill Gates will follow you” says sorry for bringing down Twitter earlier this week. Also, he says he’s not a hacker. We say, own it, man! That stuff will get you into MIT.

BP said yesterday that it had already spent $350 million on the spill response, and the company’s stock has taken a big hit, but President Obama would like to raise the cap on what the company is liable for. At $93 million a day in profits, BP makes $350 million in about 3.8 days.

Another iPhone 4G prototype has appeared, this time on a Vietnamese site (and this time presumably not found in a bar — though you never know).

Do you want a kettle or a mug? How about just some freaking coffee?