Russell Crowe as Robin Hood as Leather-Clad Media Critic


Deadline Hollywood reports this morning on Russell Crowe at Cannes – whose turn in soon-to-be gigantic summer blockbuster Robin Hood is apparently a thing – giving a press conference at the French film festival. And in this press conference, Crowe offered up some trenchant, Robin Hood-esque media criticism. Observe:

Russell Crowe has identified media corporations such as News Corp and Disney as the thing Robin Hood would be fighting today if he existed. Speaking at this afternoon’s press conference, the Robin Hood star said: “My feeling is that if he was alive today, he would be looking at the dissemination of media as the greatest injustice in the world.”

Not bad! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, as he ends up spoiling it moments later. With a sequel. Literally:

Crowe, who has a notoriously bad relationship with the press, went on to attack one journalist whom, he implied, stalked people. And he swatted another Times of London reporter for suggesting that Crowe and director Ridley Scott had made a politically correct fable.

The Australian star hinted there might be a sequel providing the movie passes an unspecified box office milestone.

Isn’t there some saying about getting the audience you deserve? Sadly, Crowe would know:

Nearly every question was directed to Crowe. “Russell, tell us about your leather outfit,” drooled one German reporter.

At some point, Robin Hood might also consider fighting a monopoly on stupid. Which Russell Crowe seems to have on lockdown at this point.