The MTA Is Now Selling the Random Crap You Left on the Subway


Yesterday, NYC Transit started tweeting about all kinds of goodies — including a divine 5″ black and white Coby TV that probably weighs more than your flatscreen — that have been left behind on trains and are now up for grabs.

“All those iPods, cameras, jewelry and more is waiting for your BEST OFFER!” transit officials tweeted on their NYCTSubwayScoop Twitter account. “Subway Bling II: Bracelets for sale, big & small. Some for him? Most for her,” says amNewYork.

Revealing to us two things: First, someone might actually end up with that hideous charm bracelet we purposely left behind on the F train and hoped never to think about again, and second, the MTA can tweet? (Also, note to self: Must do a man-bracelets post.)

Agency spokesman Paul Fleuranges says the auction garners $25,000 a year, which helps a teensy bit with that reported $800 million deficit. Bids are accepted by phone, mail, and even fax (hey, they just learned to tweet), and your chance to get something good (or crappy) ends June 4. Check the listings, which are a feast for the eyes, including items ranging from 4 pounds of beeswax to a High School Musical doll to 8 bicycles and no less than 3 violins.

Also, just so you know:

The agency “makes every attempt” to contact the owner of the lost item if there is identifying information, and puts the goods up for sale some time between three months to a year after they have been left unclaimed, Fleuranges said.

Plenty of time to go back and claim your Franklin Merriam-Webster Spanish/English Dictionary, if you really want it.