This Week’s Voice: The National, Ariel Pink, Battle of the Memphis Rap Crews, Colt Ford, and More


In this week’s Village Voice, Michael D. Ayers writes our cover story on the National, who make the awkward look cool and despair sound hilarious. Elsewhere, Mike Powell hangs out with creepy chillwave godfather Ariel Pink, Ben Westhoff on the massively divergent fates of Memphis rap crews Three 6 Mafia and Eightball & MJG, and the god Chuck Eddy comes through to introduce country rap’s 300-pound, ex-gold-pro, road-dawg sensation, Colt Ford.

In Film, J. Hoberman reviews the indie revelation Daddy Longlegs, which stars Lee Ranaldo’s sons, then tacks on Anthology’s Punishment Park revival for good measure, Karina Longworth on the inadvertent Tea Party parable and new Ridley Scott flick Robin Hood, and Nick Pinkerton pairs BAM’s weekend-long George Romero retro with a look at Anthology’s Migrating Forms festival.

In Art, Christian Viveros-Fauné on Chris Verene’s bitter realism.

In Theater, Michael Feingold on recent productions of The Forest, The Kid, and Dr. Knock, while Alexis Soloski reports back from two places set in the same mental-health facility, more or less: Family Week and Asylum.

Plus Michael Musto, Free Will Astrology, and more, here.