TPoutine Seems to Have Given Up the Gravy


It may have satisfied our appetite for the holy trinity of fries, cheese, and gravy, but TPoutine ultimately faltered in its battle for business: after nine months, it has apparently closed.

According to Eater, the Ludlow Street restaurant bears all the signs of the shutter: the gates have been down for days, the phone is disconnected, and the neighbors are saying the game is over. As was previously noted, the business had struggled in part because it couldn’t get a liquor license; despite an appeal to its neighbors for assistance last month, TPoutine’s owner, Thierry Pepin, again had his bid for a license rejected by Community Board 3.

Of course, building a business around cheese curds and gravy was from the start a difficult proposition, even on a street synonymous with drunk food. Although TPoutine tried to broaden its appeal to roving frat boys with signage featuring a buxom and accommodating waitress, the crowds seemed to prefer the more straightforward offerings of places like Spitzer’s Corner, ‘inoteca, and Los Feliz. We’ve e-mailed Pepin for confirmation of the closure, and will supply any details if they are forthcoming.